Windows will automatically start discovering each serial port, one by one. And then click on Add Hardware. Statistical data was reset. When you see this dialog for the first serial port: Installing the serial ports.

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And again the Continue Anyway to get by the second warning. This should complete momentarily. The COM assignments will also be display here. Check for indications of high network traffic. This message typically goes away on it’s own but you can reboot the PC so that the network traffic is re- synchronized.

Check the network connections and verify lin the DeviceMaster is powered up. The DeviceMaster is okay and ready to use. Click Printers and Other Hardware. Can’t detect the device with comteol the MAC address on any network. Click Next to continue. Waiting on response from the device before making the connection active.


Check the socketserver version, Check – Comtrol DeviceMaster NS-Link User Manual

DeviceMaster Driver User Guide: Code upload failed due to a timeout and the driver is attempting to re- synchronize with the device. Excess packet retransmissions detected.

You will see your new adaptor listed here. Click Next and allow Windows to search. Return to the General tab, configure the device, and apply the changes.

The following table provides a list of Device Status messages. Waiting for a response from the DeviceMaster. Device detected, microcode upload in progress.

Device is active and OK, no data traffic was exchanged since last inquiry. The upload process has been restarted. The device driver has not successfully uploaded the firmware to the assigned DeviceMaster. When you see this dialog for the first serial port: Either the DeviceMaster is currently being controlled by another server or the DeviceMaster power has been cycled and the DeviceMaster is waiting for a server to acquire it.

Download the Comtrol utilities here. Download the Comtrol NS Link here. Verify the MAC address of the unit, check the Ethernet hs and ensure the device is powered on. The driver may have only been configured with an IP address. Installing the serial ports.

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Check the socketserver version, Check | Comtrol DeviceMaster NS-Link User Manual | Page 13 / 88

Don’t worry, you will get good at clicking all the buttons. Using the Advanced Tab.

Scroll down and highlight Multi-port serial adapter s and click Next. The server has acquired the DeviceMaster and is downloading the control program.

You may edit the properties to select the COM number assignment of all the ports.