Do not include any HTML. Search Gadget Speak reviews: In this study, we aimed to elucidate the cellular mechanisms responsible for Glut1 activation in response to oxidative stress. To address this question, nuclear run-on and mRNA stability assays were performed, respectively. Come along and join in the fun! It appears that under such stress conditions, energy requirements are increased, and induction of the Glut1 isoform is therefore instrumental in cellular adaptation.

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Keyboard, mouse and monitor etc. We demonstrate that following exposure to oxidative stress, the Lingston gene transcription rate is enhanced, concomitant with increased stability of mRNA transcripts.

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Reviews by category Kensington USB. The probes used in gel mobility shift assays were as follows: The ability of oxidative stress to alter gene expression has been shown in many cell types and in various experimental models 10 To compare the effect of chronic insulin with the effect of prolonged oxidative stress on Glut1 gene expression, we assessed the ability of rapamycin to prevent Glut1 activation. Published Aug 25, Author adrianmorant.

Increased binding activity of AP-1 and SRE to DNA is observed in response to oxidation and may mediate Glut1 transcriptional activation in response to oxidative stress. With accumulating evidence suggesting a significant role for oxidative stress in diverse pathophysiological conditions, there is increasing interest in understanding cellular response to oxidative stress.

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It is a small unit roughly 25 x 7 x 3.

Use a text link, or download an image. Shown is a representative experiment performed three times for each treatment.

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We offer domestic UK and worldwide shipping for most items – please scroll to ‘Postage and Payments’ to see if we can deliver to your location. Glucose transport is a rate-limiting step in the metabolism of many cell types and therefore in energy production 1. These results suggest that both increased transcription rate and mRNA stability may account for the increased steady-state Glut1 mRNA content following oxidation.

The gel was dried and autoradiographed. Google Scholar Articles by Kozlovsky, N.

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Kingstob evaluate the potential role of the respective transcription factors in inducing Glut1 gene transcription, we assessed whether oxidation caused increased binding activity of nuclear protein extracts to prelabeled oligonucleotides utilizing the gel electromobility shift assay. It appears that under such stress conditions, energy requirements are increased, and induction of the Glut1 isoform is therefore instrumental in cellular adaptation.

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Taken together, these results provide evidence that oxidative stress-induced Glut1 transcriptional activation is distinct from Glut1 activation by insulin. This transcriptional activation is at least partly mediated by enhancer 1 of the Glut1 gene and requires de novo protein synthesis.

Transcriptional Activation of the Glut1 Gene in Response to Oxidative Stress in L6 Myotubes

Start inviting your friends along! These are believed to provide the elevated energy required for the recruitment of repair and antioxidant defense mechanisms. This suggests a specific effect of oxidative stress on the transcriptional regulation of the Glut1 gene. The most important setting being dual view where the external screen is an extension of the notebook screenclone the two screens showing the same image and disable when the external screen is turned off. kingsto


Its gene expression is regulated in different cell types by various stimuli. The transcriptional regulation of Glut1 in response to oxidative stress is mediated at least partly by enhancer 1 of the regulatory region of this gene Fig. Journal of Lipid Research.

Among the three transcription factors known to have a potential kkingston site on enhancer 1, AP-1 and SRE are shown to be activated in response to oxidative stress Fig. In conclusion, oxidative stress increases the Glut1 transcription rate by mechanisms that may involve activation of AP-1 binding to enhancer 1 of the Glut1 gene. It has a wedge-shaped profile so that, when under the rear of the notebook it improves ventilation.

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