The interface connections are located on the back of the printer in a recessed area in the middle. A temporary error has occurred on the printed page. A request was made to the printer for a printer language that is not supported. Paper coatings are designed to control ink absorption and spread, producing brilliant, sharp images with less ink. Fill in any comments, questions, suggestions or complaints in the box below:

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An error has occurred during execution of one of the file operators. Contact our technical support team for free assistance with any installation or content questions. This represents an internal malfunction in the PostScript interpreter and should never occur.

The printer is switching to the indicated mode. The systemdict quit operator executed. Slide a sheet of media into the top of the paper tray between the manual feed guides until it stops.

Only one coupon may be used per purchase. Adjust the manual feed guides to the width of the media. If error persists, record number and call HP Service.


A file identified by a name string operand of file or run cannot be found or cannot be opened. The execution stack has grown too large; procedure invocation is nested deeper than the Paserjet interpreter permits. Product cost versus performance is also objectively measured, enabling us to guarantee that the quality of our products actually exceeds that of the printer-branded cartridges. The printer has received a request for a paper size that is not available in the upper UC or lower LC paper tray or both trays are empty.

PCL Level 5 Optional: An improper restore has been attempted. Syntax error in program text.

No loop to exit from. Both types laserhet cartridges match the OEM stated page yield meaning we deliver as many lasefjet as the major printer brands, sometimes we even beat the yield of original cartridges, helping you print more from one cartridge than you would with the original brand.

The printer is reconfiguring its memory for page protection. The dictionary stack has grown too large. The operand to makefont or setfont is not a well-formed font dictionary.

HP Laserjet IIISi

RSA Female with optional interface card. For simplex single-sided printing on letterhead stationery, the letterhead edge should be inserted first, face up.

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Install the envelope feeder and load the requested envelope size. A request was made to the printer for a printer language that is not supported. Getting blank pages after you installed a new cartridge? Each attribute is a separate font. A PostScript implementation limit has been exceeded. A cartridge font could not be read by the printer.

HP Laserjet 3si 4si

Repeat this process until your job is done. This error also occurs if pathforall is executed when the current path includes the result of a charpath. X represents the level of emptiness.

Service Error, contact HP Service. The undefined error is commonly caused by misspelling the operator name or y not having the dictionary containing the operator definition on the dictionary stack. The printer has received more data from computer that can fit in its internal memory.