Another point worth mentioning is that areas of a single colour, such as the sky, are not completely smooth as a degree of noise creeps into the picture. Panasonic offers some excellent digital cameras and can normally be replied upon to produce crystal clear photos. Trying to be fair to the DMC FX07 this issues are likely to be accentuated in my tests by the wide angle lens. Page 2 Ease of Use. This is because the wide angle allows you to squeeze more width into each photo.

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Panasonic estimate you should be able to take around pictures with the camera before the batteries need to be recharged.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07

The time taken to take five photos is faster than avearge. For close up photography the macro shot is about average.

Larger prints will magnify any imperfections in a picture. I found the screen much easier to see than most when sunlight was shining panasonic dmc-fx07 dmc-f0x7 it.

No On-Sensor Phase Detect: Flash cycle time, full power: Another feature is called extra optical zoom.

I like to see plenty panasonic dmc-fx07 colour in the outdoor portrait, but in this test shot I feel the colours are overdone. The lens aperture works in a range of Wide: Both cameras have the same wide-angle Leica lens, panasonic dmc-fx07 sensor, and image processor, as well as many of the same dmc-tx07.


Continuous shooting lets you keep firing off shots until the memory card is full. Both test photos are sharply focused when taking the conditions into account. Lithium Panasonic dmc-fx07 rechargeable Batteries Included: Page 4 Sample Images.

Panasonic DMC-FX07 Review

In addition, the FX07 supports the new SDHC Secure Digital High Capacity standard, which extends the maximum capacity to a theoretical 32GB 4GB cards being the largest at the time of this writingwith sustained transfer rates of up to six megabytes per second.

When using starry sky mode the shutter speed time can be panasonic dmc-fx07 to a maximum of sixty seconds. A 16mb SD card is supplied with the camera as standard. Yes Dedicated Battery Charger Included: I find xmc-fx07 in the Panasonic range to be some of the easiest to use. Image Capture Image Resolution: The only significant differences between the two cameras are that the FX50 has a 3-inch LCD display and comes in silver and black, d,c-fx07 the FX07 has a 2.

Don’t show this again. It also doesn’t include the FX50’s “Out-of-Frame” display mode, which shrinks the live panasonic dmc-fx07 slightly in record mode so as to include a histogram panasonic dmc-fx07 various other settings information around the outside of the image, rather than including the information panasonic dmc-fx07 on top panasonic dmc-fx07 the image as most cameras tend to do.


I was able to take a single shot in panasonic dmc-fx07. Up to five seconds of sound can be recorded when the image is being taken or ten seconds of commentary can be added smc-fx07. This 7-megapixel point-and-shoot packs a wide 28mm-tomm-equivalent Leica zoom lens into its oanasonic frame. The Panasonic FX07 also includes a built-in five mode flash, with a range of up to four meters at wide angle or two meters at telephoto.

Whether panasonic dmc-fx07 not you like the panasonic dmc-fx07 of colour shown by the DMC FX07 is likely to be panasonic dmc-fx07 question of personal taste.

No White Balance Settings: There is no viewfinder.

Exposure Maximum ISO native: The lens is in fact the feature that panasonic dmc-fx07 the DMC FX07 different to the vast majority of digital cameras. Image Storage Usable Memory Types: For composing images there is a 2.