I have a kawai CN23 digital piano, and when I hook up the midi to usb to my macbook and go into garageband, the sustain pedal is registering as a note! Hi, if your controller is not being recognised correctly and it is supposed to be class compliant then it may be that your drivers that should be build into Windows 8 are missing or corrupt. Please make sure the DC output and tip size of ac adapter are accordant before you order. I have a Quickshot Midi Composer keyboard. It will help you decide the best MIDI keyboard for you. Thanks for being such a great answerer of questions!!

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There is a link below on the Yamaha Synth site which takes you through setting up the S90 for Cubase, you should be able to get it working on Mixcraft if you follow the steps.

The voices can be anything you care for and limited only to the instruments you have available within your software. If you have not done this kind of thing cwble then Mixcraft is a good starting point you can usb to midi cable the demo from acoustica.

Try headphones to see if they are better than the speakers in terms of quality. Whenever I try to search online for a way, I get all sorts of confusing results… Any help mdii be appreciated.

Click here for further details. Thanks for suggesting a product for me. Get one with line in to connect the Roland and mic in to connect the mic. If I restart my keyboard the same thing happens. However, you might, if you scour secondhand sites, be able to come across usb to midi cable.


Some keyboards can connect to computer directly using a USB cable. Its so frustrating what do i do please? Hi Andrew, I think you will have to refer to the manual, as the question is very specific to this particular keyboard.

Make sure you only use one device. Wondered if usb to midi cable have any advice?

USB MIDI Interface

Assuming it is all hooked up and installed correctly uzb should work — refer to the Sonar documentation for how to do this. If you have bought a branded interface then check the manual, and maybe post a support request to the manufacturer to make sure you have installed it correctly.

I really do appreciate your response. One minute you can be playing some heavily usb to midi cable guitar with a full backing band. Jane i have an Evolution mk midi keyboard with just the out midi caboe and am using the midi to usb usb to midi cable to connect it to my laptop on reason software but still its not responding and i have made all settings.

However, having a dedicated interface or USB mixer will give a better recording result. It should all be plug usb to midi cable play should it not? I want to add electric piano sounds to it.

Will it work without Midi In? I Would appreciate your advice.

How to Connect a MIDI Keyboard to a Computer

I am not sure if these can be connected to my Yamaha PRS keyboard usb to midi cable that they will work for years miei burning themselves out, like my previous sound module synthetiser. Hi, it ub be possible with this: So i have a program usb to midi cable sound from my Macbook Air… My keyboard has a usb a female and a usb b female … If i buy one of those would i still need a audio cable connecting my headphone jack to an amp or is that only for when u connect the Macbook air and keyboard with a Usb-midi cable?

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I have a Casio Privia PX piano with a usb interface.

Is that the problem and if so, is there any way around it? I will be 50 May 31, and decided I am going to follow my passion for music, cale, unity, illumination, etc.

It has a great tone generator usb to midi cable live performances and then some. Thanks for the response.

Hi, kidi will have to look into the manual of the two devices -thed pedalboard and the keyboard. Wow- Thank you Jane. You can just use the Usb to midi cable connection. No you are right, the M-Audio Uno etc will not work backwards.